Conrad Weinmann Attorney at Law, Partner
Adrian Zimmerli Trademark Attorney, Partner
Madeleine Schim van der Loeff Trademark Attorney, Partner
Christoph Steffen Attorney at Law, Partner
Stefan Keehnen Trademark Attorney, Partner
Alban Shabani Attorney at Law, Partner
Marco Handle Attorney at Law, Partner
Fabian Wigger Attorney at Law, Partner
Giacomo F. Bolis Patent Attorney and Lawyer, Of Counsel
Joachim Frommhold Patent Attorney
Martin Cole Trademark Attorney
Fabian Weinmann Trademark Attorney
Marc Schwenninger Attorney at Law, Of Counsel
Wolfgang Wagner Patent Attorney, Of Counsel
Maximilian Chapman Paralegal
Sereina Wipfli Paralegal
Lisa Löpfe Paralegal
Bruno Benz Finance, IT
Aina Brohy Assistant, Trademark Administrator
Alina Füglistaler Paralegal / Assistant / Patent, Design, and Trademark Administrator
Chiara Scherz Assistant, Trademark Administrator
Malin Friedrich Paralegal / Assistant / Patent, Design, and Trademark Administrator
Jessica Jakob Paralegal, Trademark Administrator
Soraya Signer Assistant, Trademark Administrator