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WZ-120x120-Adrian Zimmerli-1

Adrian Zimmerli

Trademark Attorney | Partner
WZ-120x120-Christoph Steffen-1

Christoph Steffen

Attorney at Law | Partner
WZ-120x120-Conrad Weinmann-1

Conrad Weinmann

Attorney at Law | Partner
WZ-120x120-Madelaine Schim van der Loeff-1

Madeleine Schim van der Loeff

Trademark Attorney | Partner
WZ-120x120-Giacomo F. Bolis-2

Giacomo F. Bolis

Patent Attorney, Lawyer | Partner

Joachim Frommhold

Patent Attorney
WZ-120x120-Martin Cole-1

Martin Cole

Trademark Attorney
WZ-120x120-Stefan Keehnen-1

Stefan Keehnen

Trademark Attorney
WZ-120x120-Alban Shabani-1

Alban Shabani

Attorney at Law

Marco Handle

Attorney at Law
WZ-120x120-Fabian Wigger-1

Fabian Wigger

Attorney at Law
WZ-120x120-Philipp Siegfried-1

Philipp Siegfried

Attorney at Law
WZ-120x120-Aleksandar Stanisavljevic-1

Aleksandar Stanisavljevic

Attorney at Law
WZ-120x120-Nicole Ritter

Nicole Ritter

WZ-120x120-Kento Ruetimann

Kento Reutimann

WZ-120x120-Marc Schwenninger-1

Marc Schwenninger

Attorney at Law | Of Counsel
WZ-120x120-Wolfgang Wagner-1

Wolfgang Wagner

Patent Attorney | Of Counsel


WZ-120x120-Bruno Benz-1

Bruno Benz

Finance and Accounting IT and Human Resources
WZ-120x120-Aina Brohy-1

Aina Brohy

Trademark administration Assistant to M. Cole
WZ-120x120-Nella Dolder

Nella Dolder Burri

Trademark administration Assistant to A. Zimmerli, St. Keehnen
WZ-120x120-Max Chapman-1

Maximilian Chapman

Legal assistant
WZ-120x120-Natascha Dallo-1

Natascha Dallo

Trademark administration Assistant to A. Stanisavljevic, M. Schim van der Loeff
WZ-120x120-Elena Egli

Elena Egli

Trademark administration Assistant to C. Weinmann

Nathalie Frey

Trademark administration Assistant to C. Weinmann
WZ-120x120-Alina Thommen-1

Alina Füglistaler

Trademark and Patent administration Assistant to M. Schim van der Loeff, J. Frommhold
WZ-120x120-Deborah Groth

Deborah Faye Groth

Trademark administration Assistant to St. Keehnen
WZ-120x120-Khalil Hager

Hager Khalil

Legal assistant